~Hi there! Thanks for checking this little thing out. How you enjoy and get to know me a bit better!! <3

My socials or something! (I don't post much btw)

Name: Ace (nicknames welcome!)
Age: not comfy sharing exact, but I am under 15
Pronouns: They/them
Gender: Agender
Sexuality: Aromantic, Asexual
I type mostly normally, but tend to spell things like I would say them, so if I say something not understandable, I will totally restate it in a normal way
I have bad anxiety, and some ADHD tendencies, so tone tags can be helpful
Other info: I'm a capricorn, slytherin, intp, and child of athena.
My aesthetic is a mix of dark academia, crowcore/goblincore, old internet, parent, and a dash of punk and 2007 scene.

--Me likey! <3

~the dreamsmp
~minecraft in general
~The Owl House
~roleplay! (sfw, duh)
~commentary channels/video essays
~internet history
~stuffed animals
~collecting pins!!
~greek mythology!!!
~percy jackson and the rest of the riordanverse
~nerdfighteria (dftba!)
~sims 4
~sanders sides
~cosplay!!! (i dont do cosplay right now but really want to get into it!)
~collecting various little things
~long furbies/furbies
~puppet history/buzzfeed unsolved
~disney and pixar
(Psst! you can click on some interests to see more about them!)

Things I hate with a burning passion. (leave these topics alone around me.)
-Smoking or Alcohol
-Sexual Topics (nudge nudge type jokes are sometimes okay)
-Rudeness or bullying
-suicide, assault, or r4pe things. Also children as victims of crime cases.
-loud noises
-animal abuse (stories or other)
-discussing my appearance (3 minute rule)
-long strings of all caps

I'm not that great at texting people first, but I will still talk!!
I don't like facetiming or calling people often, even really close friends
I like to ramble and send paragraphs at a time
I'm quite sarcastic, and type in a kinda formal way so if you need tone tags tell me!
I don't like random gifs in convos
Also don't use emojis very often!

iffffff youu...
Support Trump, All Lives Matter, or Blue Lives Matter
Are, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, xenophobic, etc.
run sexual accounts
use slurs that aren't yours to reclaim
over step creators boundaries
you sexualise/ship minors or characters who are minors (including if you age them up.)
If your anti-neoprouns (they are valid and cool)
Over 18
Are a terf or support terfs

My comfort things!! <3
Waffles with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar
Oreos with whipped cream
Cotton candy
Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Teen Beach Movie
Textures and Scents:
Fluffy things!
Smooth crystals or stones
Cotton Candy
Little blanket
Philza Hoodie
Protesilaus, my pig plush and travel buddy
Delilah, build-a-bear cat that smell like cotton candy

I got into the dreamsmp back right before tommys exile arc. I started by watching Tommys videos on youtube, and got twitch. My favorite creators (in order, kinda) on the smp are Ranboo, Philza, Captain Puffy, Technoblade, Tubbo, Nihachu, Wilbur Soot, and Eret. I have a ton of things that I've made or bought relating to the smp. I find everything so interesting, and wish I could talk to someone about it! The syndicate is my favorite group, and I can't wait to have more content from them. I have a bunch of little hcs, and a few theories. I also LOVE looking at dsmp art and animatics. Everyone is so talented!!!!

My discord user is AceNeedsAlife#6109
If you share an interest with me, and/or are willing to listen to me ramble, add me!! <3
Also, be 12-15. I'm fine with anything under 18 as following me, but with discord I'm only comfortable with that age range.

I started making kandi in September 2020. I having quite a collection of a mix of singles and cuffs. Also far too many beads. A bit too much of my collection relates to the dreamsmp tbh. I tend to make things slowly, because distractions and stoof. I'd love to be able show off my stuff to friends more!
(My collection as of late april↴)

These are my build-a-bears. From left to right, up top is Phoebe, Delilah, Moss, and Ali, on the bottom is Cupid, Gallop, Liz, Samoa, Coco, and Molly. I love them dearly, though my family and friends make fun of me for it, since I'm older then most people who still get bears are. I think being able to pick out everything about them is so cool. I just adore giving them little personalities and backstories etc.! <3

I've learned about Greek Mythology differently than most people. I watch this channel called Overly Sarcastic Productions on youtube, which talks mainly about history in general, but is most known for their mythology videos. That's how I became interested in greek mythology. I have read percy jackson, just read it because I already knew it had greek mythology themes. My favorite goddess is Artemis, she's just so cool. (plus the moon is so poggers) I also like Athena. I don't believe in the mythology myself, but if there was some new proof to come out or something, I'd find it plausible. The gods have bad qualities and have done bad things. To jump a way a little bit, I hate when in media Hades is portrayed as this ultimate bad guy and Zeus is Mr. perfect leader. Hades seemed really chill, besides a possible kidnapping, in myths, just got the bad job. Plus, Zeus was really a bad guy, man. That concludes this ramble bit lol. Check out OSP with the YT button on this page!